In House Party - Share The Adventure

Earn rewards while sharing the benefits of traveling with Global Discovery Vacations. Now is a great time to invite any 4 couples over to your house to hear about the benefits of traveling with Global Vacations! If you have more than 4 qualified* couples to invite, then we can setup two separate parties for you.

Invite Your Friends

Arrange a small gathering of your closest friends, family or co-workers in the comfort of your own home. For every qualified* couple that attends, you get a gift card.

Refreshments On Us

Your guests will feel more comfortable and relaxed with beverages and snacks. We will even reimburse you for party food.

Discover Your Benefits

We interact with you and your guests with an informational presentation highlighting all of the amazing benefits Global Discovery Vacations has to offer.

Pick Your Rewards

Your guests get a choice of a Time-Out vacation or a prepaid gift card and you get rewarded when your guests become members with us!

*Guests must be 25 years old and employed. If they are married, the significant other has to be present as well. Couples cannot be related to the host.

Member Benefits Zoom Meeting

Are you an existing member and want to learn about the new benefits being offered? Click the button below to schedule a Zoom meeting with one of our friendly customer service representatives. 

Let's Learn Together

We're happy to welcome you to our Member Workshop. We have carefully curated your meeting based on your memberships. After all, your quest to gain knowledge shouldn't be interrupted, it should be explored.

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